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          Wholesale&Drop Shipping

          Wholesale Deal or Drop Shipping

          About Wholesale Deal 

          Order over 10pcs, pls kindly contact service@bestblackhair.com, we will provide the best prices alongside unparalleled customer service.

          About Drop shipping

          Drop Shipping is a system that allows us to ship products out to your customers under your business name without requiring you to stock your own inventory, or spend time on the shipping process. Our name will never appear anywhere on the package or paperwork of your order.
          Depending on your individual needs we can provide packages for startup Companies that include:

          1. Branding your own Company name 
          2. Logos, Flyers, and Business cards 
          3. Labels, bags, and packaging 

          Please contact us to find out more about our wholesale/distributor programs!
          About Ordering

          Choose the hairs you would like to carry on your site.

          1. List hairs on your website and sell 
          2. Place the order on bestblackhair.com 
          Hair is shipped directly to your customer


          Bestblackhair takes care of everything, all you do is market YOUR brand!


          Contact Us

          Email:  service@bestblackhair.com

          Whatsapp: +8618814115516






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